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Howdy, I'm Shannon!


First of all, welcome to my portofolio and thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you are here, stick around for a minute and see what I have to offer!

Shannon Tevlin has been my name for as long as I can remember, and as far as I'm concerned it suits me well. I was born and raised in Cypress, Texas, and I absolutely love it (mostly because they sell Blue Bell Ice Cream everywhere). I started at Texas A&M in 2011 and I'm a proud member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2015, majoring in Human Resource Development.

In case you couldn't tell I have a passion for graphic design. I love colors, shapes, and my friends often laugh at me when I tell them the name of a font that's used on a billboard or advertisement. It's a quirk, what can I say? Truly, my love for graphic design was born out of a child-like love for all things Disney. Back in 2006 I was playing this Disney game and I came across an online community of others who played the game as well, and there was a subforum that was simply titled "Graphics." One day I decided to click on it, and it was like I opened a magical door that for some reason I knew I would never be able to close.

Most of my design experience up until my college years was designing t-shirts for various things in high school, and I also had a great gig as a senior ad editor for my yearbook. After going to college for a year, I looked for a part-time job and I thankfully got hired at Texas A&M's dining program as the graphic design intern. Long story short, I had the best time of my life designing projects that the student body got to see everyday... even if they weren't really paying close attention to them.

So now I'm here, creating a portfolio and looking back at the amazing experiences I've had so far. I would love to work for you. When I'm not designing you can find me pinning awesome art on Pinterest, reading a great book, or baking something that looks like it will taste good (no promises, though). Thanks for reading this little novel about me, I hope we can connect soon!


My desire to learn new things is unlimited.






Microsoft Office


Hullaballoo, Caneck Caneck!

Texas A&M University - College Station

Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development

Expected Graduation:May 2015

Studying Human Resource Development with a Business minor. My favorite class so far has been Marketing!


What I've done so far.

Compass Group - Chartwells at Texas A&M

Graphic Design Intern / College Station, TX / 2012 - 2014

Planned, designed, printed, and implemented all in-house collateral for dining promotions and retail unit pieces

Collaborated with print companies to ensure large-scale printing needs were met

Re-branded the look and feel of three dining facilities, and created approximately 15 logo designs for brand proposals

Blue Buffalo - Donna Kimbler

Freelance Designer / Houston, TX / 2013 - 2014

I've worked with Ms. Kimbler on various projects to help her further her marketing and sales efforts with Blue Buffalo in local pet stores.


Here you can find my artwork based on the organization I created it for.


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